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Hi there! My name is Yaroslav Pogrebnyak.
I’m a πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» programmer, cloud architect, and IT consultant. I design and develop digital video systems in the Cloud. On videoprog, I share my knowledge and insights about video/audio encoding, processing, streaming, and programming.

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πŸ§” About Me

I have 15+ years of overall experience in IT and software development as a programmer, technical and team leader, systems architect, and consultant. 6+ years of them in cloud video, live-streaming, and real-time communications domain.


If you’re utilizing or developing a product that utilizes online video, and need software development or architecture technology consultation.
I’m available for consulting or contracting work in the following areas:

  • General questions about video properties (sdr/hdr, rgb, yuv, ycbcr, color spaces, etc) and codecs (h264/hevc, vp8/vp9, av1, …), audio codecs, media containers (mp4, flv, mkv, mpegts, …), streaming protocols (rtmp, rtp, mpegts, srt, hls, dash …), file processing and live streaming.
  • Designing and development heterogeneous software systems in c, rust, nodejs, python, java
  • Real-time video ingest from hardware encoders, mobile applications, web pages, restreaming and playback, recording and processing, transcoding, and filtering, using GPU.
  • FFmpeg usage as a command-line tool and as C API and programming, using ffmpeg from different programming languages.
  • Building scalable video processing pipeline architectures utilizing cloud saas/paas providers, CDNs, or using own bare metal servers, docker containers, etc.
  • Real-time video communication and streaming using WebRTC and WebSockets.

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πŸ€“ Experience

Here I’ve listed some of my most significant accomplishments during the last years.

πŸ’» Keywords

programming: c, c++, golang, node.js, python, java, ffmpeg API, linux. design and developing real-time and high-load cloud systems that process video and audio. codecs: h254, hevc, aac, others, avcC, hvcC and annexb formats, etc. protocols: rtmp, rtp, mpegts, srt, hls, mpeg-dash, progressive download, and others, file formats: ts, mp4, flv, mov, processing: transcoding, changing video properties, a/v sync, live video switching, applying video and audio filters, applying graphical and video overlays, processing stored video files, machine learning video analysis: emotion detection, people detection, face tracking, etc gpu: using nvidia cuda to hardware accelerate decoding, encoding, transcoding and video processing, web video: html5 video, media source API, webrtc, ice, stun, turn, http-live-flv, etc.

πŸ“Ή Video, Live-streaming & Networking Programming Achievements

  • Contributed to the FFmpeg open-source project: overlay_cuda filter (in Π‘ / Cuda), HLS periodic rekey support, and other.
  • Design and implementation L4 load balancer with dynamic backend discovery
  • RTMP server protocol implementation in C for real-time video ingest.
  • WebRTC stream ingest from browser to the server, including implementation of the proprietary signaling server
  • Creating a system for real-time video metrics capturing and display: bitrate changes, video snapshots, audio levels change.
  • Design and implementation of high-load real-time video streaming server capable of ingesting multiple protocols and video formats, recording, and restreaming to multiple destinations, fully controllable using exposed API.
  • Creating a real-time video recording system with real-time saving into cloud storage.
  • Live video frame-accurate cloud switcher without a transcoding system.
  • Live video graphical overlays with transparency with overlay change in real-time.
  • Handling SCTE-35 markers and making cut-points while transmuting to HLS.
  • WebRTC group video and messaging chat and signaling server implementation for up to 10 people full mesh.

☁️ Real-time Cloud Systems Architecture & Design Achievements

  • Designing and implementing REST API protocol systems with more than 500+ API endpoint in total (across all services).
  • Designing multi-tenant architectures for a management and control system capable of handling more than 10000 organizations and 20000 accounts (Nodejs, Go, C, Rust)
  • Physical architecture and management of 1200+ instances
  • Data control persistent protocols connection handling average 1Gbps
  • Implementation of systems capable of handling 1000 concurrent real-time streaming sessions and dealing with up to 400+ Tbytes video traffic monthly.
  • Designing and implementation system capable of handling 50Tbytes+ recorded and processed videos live stream recording and live uploading to cloud storage with processing.

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